Hey Friends! Welcome to IamKristinaGuerrero.com 2.0

Yer like “who’s Kristina Guerrero?”
And I’m like, “I am Kristina Guerrero.
And then, I’m like, “that’s a great title for my website.”
And yer like, “but I still don’t know who Kristina Guerrero is.”

Well allow me to introduce myself.

I am Kristina Guerrero-working mommy, wife, TV host, writer, vibe giver, dream believer, God follower, wine drinker, sweatpants wearer, with a self imposed bed time of 8:30, type of a girl. If you’re down with that—I think we could be great friends!Thanks for visiting my blog.



****Career Biography****

Kristina Guerrero is an internationally recognized pop culture expert having been a host and correspondent on E! News for six years. She has spent her career on red carpets asking the hard-hitting entertainment questions – “Who are you wearing?” and “Who are you dating?”. Guerrero has interviewed the likes of George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and Julia Roberts just to name a few. Currently, she hosts the syndicated lifestyle show The List.

In addition, Guerrero is an Emmy nominee, a published writer, an actor, and a producer where her work on Eva Longoria’s ESPN documentary ¡Go Sebastien Go! premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She also just completed co-creating and co-writing her first pilot script, Adulting, with her husband writer/director Gibby Cevallos and is in development on other scripted projects.

Kristina’s humble beginnings started in a small farm town in Eastern Washington State. She is one of five children raised by her single mother. Though the family often relied on food stamps and public assistance, her mother insisted that the sky was the limit. Kristina took this nugget of encouragement, graduated from the University of Southern California with an academic scholarship, and had her sights set on a career in Hollywood. Mission accomplished.

Guerrero resides in Los Angeles and Phoenix with her husband Gibby, son Mateo, and dog Jeter.