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Back To School

I graduated from USC (Go Trojans!) in 2003.  Daaaang.  That was a long freakin’ time ago.  Ruben Studdard was the America Idol, Nick and Jessica were still newlyweds, and I was walking outta school with a degree in broadcast journalism (not to mention some big college debt).

But a lot has changed since then..American Idol was cancelled (wait, what?  It’s back on the air?) Nick and Jess are happily married…to other people, and having a degree in broadcast journalism (or any other degree for that matter) just ain’t enough, people, it just ain’t.

Now it’s about your following, your brand, your engagement, how many ‘friends,’ subscribers, and likes you have, hashtags, handles, and platforms, oh my!  But they didn’t offer Selfies 101 at USC when I went there (incidentally, that is INDEED a class they offer there now.  Yes.  For real.)

This is territory that I’ve tried to avoid and brush it off as a ‘fad’ because I was deeply in denial.  It’s not going anywhere anytime soon so I decided I had to head back to school to get my masters in social media. Here’s how it went down.

Text book : You are a Badass and the subsequent You are a Badass at Making Money.  Friends–if you wanna kick start your New Years goals –please audio-book this shit!  It’s dope.  This book seriously changed my perspective on so many things.

For instance:

Old way of thinking:  “I’m an artist and creative.  When it comes to money and business, my brain shuts off.  I’m just not good at it.”

New way of thinking: If I want to own a lucrative business and brand that is “Kristina Guerrero” and I wanna make shit tons of money –then I’d better get good at it!

Old way of thinking:  “Ugh!  Social Media.  Nobody cares what I had for dinner, what I did last night, or wants to see a sexy selfie captioned with an inspirational cheesy quote that I just googled.

New way of thinking: “Social media is just apart of our culture and it’s apart of the game.  If I say ‘no one cares,” then guess what?  No one cares.  So play the game but be authentic and posting sexy selfies captioned with inspirational cheesy quotes is not my authentic self.

Understanding how digital and social media marketing worked, though was beyond my comprehension so my not-so-chance encounter with career coach, digital media expert, and “hustle and deal flow” guru Matt Gottesman couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Follow this guy –IG hdfmagazine.  He’s posts will seriously set your soul on fire and make you believe you can do anything in the world.  And he’s freakin’ smart when it comes to social media marketing.

But I essentially ‘went to class’ once a week to learn about this platform that I really want to understand.  I was a sponge, took notes, asked questions, had homework.  And like the teachers pet I aim to be was enthusiastic, had my homework done on time, and followed through.

Not being good at something is not an excuse for me anymore.  If I’m not good at something–I’ll get good at it.  (Except cleaning.  I’m not good at that have come to terms with it.)

2017 was about self discovery and self improvement.  It was just the preparation I needed to jump into 2018 confidently and fearlessly cuz I’m ’bout to make some sh*t happen.

Who’s with me?




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    So awesome, Kristina! Where did you get schooled in social media? Can you recommend a program?

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