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Are we in a time that women are embracing their imperfect bodies, celebrating their curves, showing off their fabulousness, and spreading messages of body positivity?  Absolutely.

Am I that evolved of a woman that I can do the same? I mean, sometimes.  Look, I have no problem admitting that my boobies are closer to my belly button than they used to be and the rippled streaks on the sides of my belly are not stretch marks but rather the stripes I earned when I grew a human being in my body and delivered him into the world out my hoo-ha.  Those things I’m good with.  But the stubborn belly fat that won’t go away no matter how much I work out and no matter how much I don’t drink — well to that, I say “damn you!”

In a convo with my friend, I was yet again talking shit about my stubborn belly fat — like it was an annoying ex-boyfriend that had over stayed his welcome. She said, “Oh!  You can get rid of that.  Just do CoolSculpt”

CoolSculpt is a non surgical way to remove fat from your body by freezing it.  Your fat cells turn into fatsicles, die, and then get flushed out through your system.

I wanna try it!

I went to Bodify, which is a CoolSculpt company in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s owned by two boss women (sisters) and they’re killing the game.  They’re ranked number 1 in Arizona and number 4 in the country.  I might sound like a commercial for them but I assure you, they’re not paying me to say this (if they would like to pay me, lets talk — lol).  I say this to let you know that these chicks are legit.  I told them about my problem area, which I not-so-lovingly refer to as my beer pocket and asked them to help.

Let me speed up this story.

For me, I only needed the one area under my belly button treated and it would only take one session.  After my consult, I was hooked up to a machine and the procedure took one hour.  It didn’t hurt.  I was a bit sore after for about three days.  And eight weeks later I’m so happy with the results.

Here are my before and after pics.  I’m not gonna lie–I don’t wanna share them with you.  But the proof is in the pudding (what does that even mean?) and if I’m gonna give a testimonial, I want you to know I tried it and it worked.

Would you try it?  Why or why not?



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