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I gotta shout out to So Scottsdale magazine for putting me on the cover of their August issue.

I moved my little family out of LA to the Valley of the Sun two years ago where I shoot my show The List (check your local listings!) Never in a million years did I think I would end up in Phoenix for television production but here we are.  I signed a two year contract and we were pretty sure we’d head back to our beloved LA.  What we didn’t expect was to absolutely love this city.

It’s hot.  Let’s get that outta the way.  Our first summer we experienced 122 degrees.  That was cray.  But there is this hibernation that happens here that I would assume happens to Chicagoans in the dead of their winter.  Basically, when it’s that hot outside — you don’t play outside.  Super simple.

But the cool factor of the city out weighs the the heat factor of living in the desert.

Affordable housing, less traffic, community vibes, and working to live and not living to work are a few things that make this city cool.  Not to mention amazing restaurants, complementary valet, and cool neighbors whose first question is usually ‘How are you?’ not “What do you do?”

So that’s how we’ve come to call Phoenix/Scottsdale home and I was thrilled to be on the cover of So Scottsdale magazine which was shot at one of my favorite resorts Mountain Shadows, a place I frequent often for work, happy hour and (free) sunset yoga.

Here’s the link to the entire spread.


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