Kristina’s Gift Guide 2017

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Kristina’s Gift Guide 2017

These are a few of my favorite things…..



Get off your tech and go to movies.  Sure they cost an arm and a leg lately but the latest from Pixar is the one to watch!  Coco is the best movie of the year.  Am I biased because I’m excited that a movie about my beloved culture is dominating the box office?  Obviously.  But still–go watch this one.

Watch Ya’ Mouth was a HUGE hit at Thanksgiving with my familia.  Seriously hysterical and so much fun


For your friends — let me recommend You Are a Badass and the follow up You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.  I have already gifted this book to my BFF and have spread the word like it’s gospel.  Let your friends know that you believe they’re a badass –now it’s their turn!



I’m seriously obsessed with these jars from  Studio Pennylane. Kick off your year right with the attitude of gratitude.  These jars come with a penny and small pad.  Every time you see the penny — think of one thing you’re grateful for.  Use the pad to write in down.  Watch your gratitude literally overflow!



Fitness friends –This awesome mother/daughter owned yoga bag company designed a perfect line for your sweaty clothes and yoga mat.  The inside is lined with a material that’s easy to clean and won’t be drenched after your post hot yoga work out.  Super cute designs and bonus — super affordable.  So many yoga bags cost over 100 bucks– these are under $80.  Check out www.rowve.com


I wear sets!  My friends laugh at me because I like my jammies to match.  My husband always gets me a new set for Christmas from his favorite store J Crew.  The cotton ones are comfy and last forever and the shorts sets are perfect for the summer time!  Time to throw out the old college teeshirt and boyfriend basketball short — slip under the covers with sets.  It’s awesome. Put it on your wish list.



I ended up with a kid that loves music.  His summer obsession was The Beatles but we’ve moved on to Metallica (or Betallica, as he likes to say).  I’ve been obsessed with Chaser Brand teeshirts FOR. EV. ER.  and I’m especially loving their kids line.  It’s always cute but edgy and rock n roll –just like my kid.

Also, am I the only one that can’t get my kid off the damn Ipad without inciting WW3?  Picasso Tiles have been a God sent!  Hours of play, building and imagination.  I’m calling it now–my little rock n’ roll kid will end up being an engineer.


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