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I love being mommy to my little boy.  Baseball, monster trucks, and Metallica runs through Mateo’s DNA as naturally as the curly hair, milk chocolate skin, and almond shaped eyes that his mommy and daddy passed down to him.

Yeah, the boymom life is definitely for me.  And as much as I’m here to expose Mateo to the world, he gets to expose me to a whole new side of things I’d never otherwise know.  Like Monster Jam.  Who knew 20 ton trucks doing back flips at a noise level that would give even a heavy metal concert a run for it’s money would be so freakin’ cool?  Mateo did –that’s why he insisted that we go last year.  We had a blast!

And baseball.  Man, does this kid love baseball!  Oh!  And did I mention he is the best player on his T-ball team?  Is that statement backed by facts? No, but a mother knows.

Last weekend, I surprised Mateo with tickets to go see the Chicago Cubs play the Cincinnati Reds at Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ.  Spring training is held every year in PHX and surrounding areas.  Who knew?!  Okay, I guess any baseball fan would know this but I didn’t.  His eyes lit up when I told him we’d be going to see his beloved Cubbies.  We were first row behind the dugout, so close we could see sunflower seeds flying out of Chris Bryant’s mouth.  Mateo chomped on his peanuts and I sipped on my ice cold over priced Bud Light and noshed on my hotdog as we cheered the Cubs to victory.  We clapped, high-fived, sang Take Me Out to The Ballgame and walked hand in hand back to car talking about our favorite parts of the game.

It had all the makings of a super sappy sentimental Hallmark final movie moment if Hallmark actually had brown people in their movies and it was awesome.  Fade to black.  Credits roll.

Having a boy is the dopest and just four and half years in, I got this boymom situation on lock–it’s all peanuts and cracker jacks from here on out, right?

This super sappy and sweet story all just to tell you that if you’re ever in the PHX area in the spring time–make sure to check out a game.  You can catch teams like the Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, San Fransisco Giants up close.  It’s like a major league baseball experience but on a smaller scale so the games seem much more intimate.  I highly recommend snagging lawn seats.  They’re behind outfield but grab a blanket, sunblock,  a couple of cold brewskies and hotdogs and enjoy a day at the park.  It’s seriously been one of my favorite things to do in PHX.

Play Ball!


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