Three’s a Crowd – Why We Co-Sleep


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Three’s a Crowd – Why We Co-Sleep

Co-sleeping is such a hot topic and  can be super divisive.

Are you gonna co sleep?

Are you going to sleep train?

Will you do the ‘cry it out’ method.

Really?  The cry-it-out method?  You’re a terrible parent with no soul.

You let your kid sleep with you?  That’s a terrible habit.  You’re creating a kid that will be too dependent.

Before Mateo graced us with his magic–the husband and I were pretty clear that we wouldn’t co-sleep.  Growing up –my siblings and I co slept but that was outta necessity — like, we didn’t have enough bedrooms or beds for that matter for the luxury of having a bed to one’s self.  But our sweet boy would have a room all to it self with an overpriced Restoration Hardware crib to boot.  He has spent an entire night in his own bed ZERO times in his four and half years!

When he was born, we bought the baby sleep blankets that promised a good nights rest.  We bought the books that guaranteed a perfect sleeping baby.  We spent a small fortune on a Mary Poppins type of sleep trainer.  NOTHING WORKED.

What we realized was that we were losing sleep trying to figure out how not to lose sleep with this kid in our bed.  Why were we trying to force something that wasn’t worth forcing at this point?  Let the kid sleep with us so we could all get some damn sleep!

And here we are, our tiny baby now a little person at four years old, his arms flailing straight at my face, his legs kicking daddy’s baby-maker more times a week than he cares to count.

I’m always quick to say “If he’s still sleeping with us when he’s 16, then we gotta ourselves a problem.” But I gotta admit this sleeping arrangement is very much a codependent situation.  He likes the security of sleeping between his mommy and daddy and not-so-secretly we like the security of knowing that our tiny human is cuddled up, safe, within arms reach, and right in the middle of us for as long as he’ll let us.

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